Title: Granada Pioneer, Vol. I No. 15, 12/12/1942, (denshopd-i147-00015)
Densho ID: denshopd-i147-00015

Granada Pioneer
Vol. I No. 15
December 12, 1942

Mess Halls Compete

MP's Hosts to Soldiers

Surplus Clothing Prices are Listed

Moore Calls Late Comers

Checks to Pay Workers

Blackout Plans Made

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Y's Way

Blackout Directions

Granada Pioneer Staff

This is the Army, Mr. Sato

Letters to the Editor

Royal Araians Give Shindig

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Short Takes

Dec. 7th (Weather)

Church Services Sunday

YMCA Official Visits Center

Dancing Scheduled

Inspections Started

Food Rumor Squelched

Employees to be Paid Today

School's New Bell Peals

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Between Us Girls

Jr. Matrons Hold Social

Legion Ousts Japanese

Examination of Ill Children Asked

Mailboxes Aid Postman

O'konogi Opens Office in East

Service Men Entertained

Amache YMCA Organized

Issei Like English

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Plans for Christmas Celebration Outlined

About Us: Two Teachers Write Article

New Arrival is Linguist

Actors Pick Committees

Rustlings from Other Centers

Another Story Appears Soon

No New Orders to be Taken

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Pirates Nose Out Pioneer Cage Team

Football: Modesto, Kau Kau Tabbed

Hoop Games Scheduled

Lamar High Tops Locals

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Riders Must Have Passes

Thumbnail Sketches

Buy Tickets

Federal Job Outlook Shows Some Promise

Main Hall Not Open

Censorship Delays Mail

Servicemen on Leave

Harbison Twins Visit

Army Probes Denver Fracas

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section