Title: Santa Anita Pacemaker, Vol. I No. 10, 5/22/1942, (denshopd-i146-00009)
Densho ID: denshopd-i146-00009

Santa Anita Pacemaker
Vol. I No. 10
May 22, 1942

Food Topic Aired. Mess Directors Explain Center Feeding Problem. WCCA Representatives Says Morale of People in Centers Unbroken

Li'l Neebo

Prepsters Register. Secondary Classes to Start Monday

First Classical Program Sunday

Canteen Will Close; 3 to Open Monday

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[Cartoon] Li'l Neebo

Woman, 83, Performs Many Athletic Feats

Santa Anita Pacemaker Staff

New Disks Expected for Dance

Additional Help Needed in Vital Community Work

Little Dancing Star Features Songfest Attended by 3000

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Softball Schedules, Results

School Courses

Fifteen Girls' Clubs Organized

Minor Sports Fans Sign Up. Mat, Mitt, Gym and Weight Men

Music Classes

No Fish Story, Witnesses Say

Four Generations of U.S. Citizens in One Family

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Win, Place and Show

Sore Muscles: Old Timers' League to Start Tuesday

Use Your Ingenuity

Santa Anita Vital Statistics

Surplus Ban on Bedding

Religious Services