Title: Santa Anita Pacemaker, Vol. I No. 28, 7/22/1942, (denshopd-i146-00028)
Densho ID: denshopd-i146-00028

Santa Anita Pacemaker
Vol. I No. 28
July 22, 1942

For Showers Laundries

Additional Firemen Sought

Humming Motors: Model Racing Cars Draw Crowds

Workers Asked to Get Checks

Procedure Outlined for Repatriation. Request Forms Must be Returned by 5 p.m. Deadline Tomorrow

Residents May Check on Radios

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People of All Races Come to Visit Center Residents

Procedure Outlined for Repatriation (Cont.)

Golden Bears Topple Huskies

Timekeepers Loop Opens; AA, Oldtimers Standings

Model Planes Break Records

Tiny Racers Draw Throngs (Cont.)

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Feminine Forum

Barbers Ask Clients, 'Wash Hair'

Cub Scouts Present Campfire Program

Dance to Honor July Birthdays

SS Class, Alpha vs. Make Getas

Vital Statistics

Elsie Suzuki Heads Deltas

Delta Elon Members Install Cabinet

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Men's Units Neater Than Women's, Says Census Taker

Troop 35 Holds Lead in Boy Scout Contest

Soprano Sings on Music Hour

Troop 45 Heads

Bettes Elect Leaders

Alpha Debs Win Best-Stunt Prize

Special Rites Mark Services

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Horseshoes: Jimmy Tanaka Captures Title

Diamond Results

More Than 100 Sign for Judo Tourney. Four Divisions Slated Sunday

First No-Hitter

Center's Varied Sports Schedules

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Santa Anita Pacemaker Staff

Editorial: The Myth of Racial Superiority

Win, Place and Show