Title: Poston Chronicle, Vol. XXI No. 6, 10/24/1944, (denshopd-i145-00574)
Densho ID: denshopd-i145-00574

Poston Chronicle
Vol. XXI No. 6
October 24, 1944

Carey McWilliams Writes New Book on Japanese Americans. Tells History of West Coast Prejudice

Message from Moris Burge Deputy Director

November Will See Reduction in Cost of Money Orders

All Tooele Workers Under War Manpower Stabilization Agreement. No Distinction Made Because of Ancestry

Twenty Nisei G.I.'s Have Families in Blocks 18 and 19, One WAC Listed from Block 19

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Poston Chronicle Staff

All Tooele Workers, Regardless of Race or Nationality, Under Government Stabilization (Cont.)

Message from Moris Burge, Deputy Director (Cont.)

25 in Service from Blocks 18 and 19 (Cont.)

Powell Acting Director During Mills' Absence

T/5 Wins Commission for His Leadership

First Anti-Alien Land Law Case Won by Stats

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Navy Men in Unit III Visited by Old Navy Friends; Served Together Under Roosevelt I

Relocation Quarted Back from Gila Visit

Several Reductions in P.O. Fees Announced (Cont.)

University of Calif. YWCA Offer California Student Relocation Aid

Internal Security News

Almost 3,000 Students Helped in Relocating to Outside Schools

For Sale


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Baseball League to Start Nov. 11; Four Leagues Chosen

Fire Causes Damage to Evacuee Stored Goods

Buddhist Church News

Library News

New Supply Secretary

Block 207 and 208 Have Total of 10 Soldiers Serving

To and From

Movie Menu

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Dust 'n Desert

Permission Granted by Council for Movies

Judicial Police Collision Unchanged

Financial Statements Girls Reserves, Special Movies

Bussei Review Sent Overseas...

To a Brighter Future...

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