Title: Denson Tribune, Vol. I No. 7, 3/23/1943, (denshopd-i144-00048)
Densho ID: denshopd-i144-00048

Denson Tribune
Vol. I No. 7
March 23, 1943

Farming, Engineering Head Visits Project. Plans for Buildings, Roads Will be Submitted to WPS

Noted Rev. Goldwater to Speak

Rundquist to Arrive

Call for Allotments

Seasonal Work Leave Rulings Streamlined

Salt Lake City Nisei Weds Center Woman

New Enterprises Head Appointed

Repatriation Forms Here

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Denson Tribune Staff

A Definite Need: Recreation Halls

Want to Help?

[Cartoon]: Denny: It's Tomorrow

Workers Get Buttons

At Random

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The Compass

Kobu Exhibit: Interesting Specimens

Letters to the Editor

Co-op Info

Pot Pourri

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Vegetables to Come in Carloads

League Meet Place Changed

Teacher Goes

Work, School Call 18 Residents

Apply for Property

Incorporation Draft Drawn by Co-op Group

Secretarial Job Open

Women Hold Installation

Boy-Girl Topic Discussed

Departures on Sundays Stopped

Analysis Man Here

Shoe Repair

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District Ping Pong Play Nears Completion

P-30s Upset Olympics

Sing Held: By Block 14

Girls Organize '8 Elites'

Dance Locale Changed

Gauchos Lick Bronco Babes in Cage Tilt

Volleyball Results

Gremlins Make Plans

Sports Squints

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More On: Farming Program (Cont.)

Dining 43 Wins Again

YW Plans Variety Program

More On: Center Wedding (Cont.)

Barber Shop Opens Here

Protestants Hear Sermon on 'Cross'

Dr. Chapman

Seno Sings at Bussei Gathering

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section