Title: Denson Communique, No. 23, 12/23/1942, (denshopd-i144-00023)
Densho ID: denshopd-i144-00023

Denson Communique
No. 23
December 23, 1942

Council Charter Approved by Center Director Taylor

Photograph Negative Retouchers Wanted

School Superintendent Says:


U.S. Navy Plans Work in Center

Outpatient Clinic Closed Tomorrow

Deadline Nears for Storage Switch

New Year's Eve Hop

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P.O. to Open Half-Day Jan. 1

Fuel Production to be Discussed

Winter Clothes Sold in Dry Goods Store

Fair Practices Group Delayed

All Block 40 Voters Ballot

Check on Fire Hazards Requested

Arts Exhibit


What's On

Resident Joins Husband in Army

Enterprises Seeks Two Panel Trucks

Densoneers Play

Christmas Greetings Sent

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Save Store Receipts, Says Beltt, WRA Buyer

Buddhist New Year Services

Stores Lengthen Shopping Hours

Get Family Number

Protestant New Year Services

Center's 21st Baby Born Monday

Picture Souvenir of Center on Sale

WRA Checks TB Cases

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Board Walks

Elementary School to Start Monday for 1000 Center Pupils

Adult Education to Begin Later

High School to Draw About 1200 Students

School Supplies Store to Open

Absentees to Bring Notes from Home

Nursery School Opens Wednesday

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Center Education Personnel

Secondary School Teaching Staff

Elementary School Teaching Staff

Kindergarten Teaching Staff

Nursery School Teaching Staff

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Rules and Regulations of the Temporary Community Council

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section