Title: Denson Communique, No. 19, 12/18/1942, (denshopd-i144-00019)
Densho ID: denshopd-i144-00019

Denson Communique
No. 19
December 18, 1942

November Pay Held Up; Lack of Cash

Pay Raises Clarified

Committee to Distribute Gifts Here

Alterations Shop Cannot Make Dresses

Grid Game

First Sumo Tourney Slated Tomorrow

More Men Sign Up as Loggers in Answer to Administration Call

Record Survey Aids Job Hunt

This Your Family?

Individual Hobby Check Being Made

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What's On

Holly, Mistletoe Found in Woods

Center Department Store Set to Open in Hall 35 Next Week

Stored Property

Blue Wave Clippers Install Officers

Teaching Position

WRA Minimum Standards of Employment Explained

All Residents Must Have I.D. Numbers

Chess Tourney Begins Tuesday

Ward Catalogs Available for Use

6-40 Hi-Teens Elect

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Center Garage to be Moved

Woodsmen Bring Them Back Alive

Cub Scout Registration Begins

6-10 Toppers to Aid in Christmas Work

Girl Scout Group to Start in Center

Lotus Girls' Club Elects Officers

Blocks to Get Lanterns

Liberal Education to be Discussed

Suzuki-Shintaku Troth Announced

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Courses Continue Over Holidays

Protestant Activities

Holiday Mail Increase Here


WRA Offices Consolidated

Post Office Issues Rules

Books Received from Fresno Center

Project Payroll Totals Almost 4000

Buddhist Activities

Nurses' Aids Join Hospital Staff

X-Ray Facilities to be Available

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section