Title: Denson Communique, No. 15, 12/8/1942, (denshopd-i144-00015)
Densho ID: denshopd-i144-00015

Denson Communique
No. 15
December 8, 1942

'R' Day Comes Again Friday

Four New Services Progress

Evacuees in Arkansas to Aid in War Effort

Wage Payments Continue

Men Added to Wood Crew

Office Equipment Wanted for Rent

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More On: Evacuee War Assistance (Cont.)

Girls' Meetings Slated

What's On

Scout Plans Formulated

Coal Distributors Needed at Once

Equipment Received

Wood Carving Class Opening Delayed

Bridge Meeting Scheduled

Ex-Fresnan Dies

Conviction in Assault Case

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Use of Coal Restricted

Orchestra Drills Postponed

Workers Here Total 3660

Information on Social Security Given

Internee Mail Delay Explained

Evacuees Number 102,700

Block 40 Manager

Hospital Employees Plan Party

Caroling Group to be Started

Project Director Recovers from Cold

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Editoriette: Let's Go 50-50 on This

Protestant Services

Fire Supervisor Lauds Service


Buddhist Services

Band Rehearsals on Again at Hall 33

Center Babies to be Denied Birth Certificate, Says State Attorney

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