Title: Denson Communique, No. 14, 12/4/1942, (denshopd-i144-00014)
Densho ID: denshopd-i144-00014

Denson Communique
No. 14
December 4, 1942

Permanent Resettling Sought

Correction Made on Wood Situation Story

Administrative Order No. 1

Pay Tomorrow

Kebo Heads Center Council

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More On: Permanent Resettlement (Cont.)

More On: Wood Situation (Cont.)

What's On

More On: Council Meeting (Cont.)

Project Head Ill

Chick Sexors [Sexers] Sought

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Sewing Project Moved to 36-1

Class to Open in Wood Carving

Extension Courses Offered

Conference Honors Go to Nisei

The Man with the Lantern

Senior Scouting to Begin Soon

Center School Opening Pushed

BSA Committeemen Meet Tonight

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Amache Girl Weds Local Boy

Work Attitude Marked

No More Tea or Eggs in Near Future

'Couples Only' Dance; Music by Densoneers

WRA Work is Forum Subject

Girls' Activities Meet Continues

Center Recreation Park Under Way

Assembly Center Freight Checkup

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Senator-Elect John McClellan Visits Center

Dental Clinic Established Here

Buddhist Religious Activities

Social Service Office Moves


Organizers Sought by Rec Department

Protestant Activities

First Center Boys' Club Starts

Co-op Study Class to Begin Monday

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Water Shut Off Few Days

Chess, Checker Players to Meet

Boxers Practice

Any Washing Machine?

Up to Residents to Ask for Printed Paper

Stores Operate Own Warehouse

First Sumo Tourney Held Tomorrow

Judo Sign-Ups Again on Tap in Hall 16

Co-op Seminar Scheduled

All Visitors to be Charged

Block 20 Gives Social Tonight

Sellers Switched

Laundry Service