Title: Denson Communique, No. 12, 11/26/1942, (denshopd-i144-00012)
Densho ID: denshopd-i144-00012

Denson Communique
No. 12
November 26, 1942

Thanksgiving Fetes Planned

Women Work on Landscaping Job

Center's First Grid Tilt Today

Project Workers Half-Day Off Today

Wood-Cutters in Full Swing

Sugar-Beeters Here

First Council Meeting Held

Administrators' Homes Started

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'Democracy' Means More Today

Soldiers Visit in Center

More On: Council Meeting (Cont.)

Hospital Blaze Causes Excitement

Body Building

Two Center Stores Renamed

What's On

More on: Holiday Socials (Cont.)

Touch Football

Block 40 to 46 Girls to Meet

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Fair Practices Group to Promote Work Harmony

Records Classified

Drinking Water Should be Boiled

Denson P.O. One of Largest

'Little Bit of Hawaii in Arkansas'

Beet-Toppers Play Football

Newcomers Given Warm Welcome

Project's Milk Source Inspected

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Waiters Receive Pay Boost

Forum: 'Work Readjustment'

School Head's Living Room Becomes 'Marriage Parlor'

St. Shinran Day to be Observed

Injured Lineman Recovering Slowly

Five-Man Staff Operates Laundry

Faculty Set

Dr. Herron Smith to Preach Here

Troop 68 to Hold Patrol Contest