Title: Topaz Times, Vol. X No. 16, 2/24/1945, (denshopd-i142-00384)
Densho ID: denshopd-i142-00384

Topaz Times
Vol. X No. 16
February 24, 1945

Evacuee Confab Draws to Close; Agreements Made

Myer Answers Questions, Explains Reasons for Closing WRA Centers

Public Acceptance Best in History, Says Myer. Overflow Audience Hears Director

Nine Called for Physicals

Red Cross Movie

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Hood River Nisei Killed in Action in Pacific

Sumitomo: Aid to be Given Bank Depositors

For Sale

Sunday Church Services

Movie: 'Thousands Cheer' Set Tomorrow

Miss Yamauchi Weds at Snelling

Around the Circuit

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More Questions, Answers Given (Cont.)

Co-op Movies

Myer Tells Students of Need to Leave Centers

Evacuee Confab (Cont.)

Soldiers on Leave

Director Reports on Improved Conditions on Pacific Coast (Cont.)

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Ft Snelling GI's Beat Pick-Up Team, 53-49

42-35 Contest Won by Block 37 Cagers

Players for Topaz All-Stars Picked by Block Team Managers

Casaba Sked

Blk 12 Nearly Beaten; Wins in Second Extra

Nakata Sparks Block 20 Squad

#38 Wins Overtime

Cage Results

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