Title: Topaz Times, Special Edition, 5/19/1944, (denshopd-i142-00306)
Densho ID: denshopd-i142-00306

Topaz Times
Special Edition
May 19, 1944

Welcome, Sgt. Kuroki

Nisei Hero Arrives Today. Public Reception Set for Tonight

Draft-Age Boys

Program for Kuroki's Visit

Resident Delegation to Meet Kuroki at Delta

Councilmen Plan Special Banquet

Inductees' Ball to Honor Hero

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Sgt. Kuroki: Foremost an American

Time Writes About a Hero

Kuroki Relates His Army Life Before S.F. Group

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He's Human Too; He Keeps a Charm, Likes Steak, Played Center Field

Kuroki Tells Story of Raid on Ploesti

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