Title: Gila News-Courier, Vol. II No. 10, 1/23/1943, (denshopd-i141-00044)
Densho ID: denshopd-i141-00044

Gila News-Courier
Vol. II No. 10
January 23, 1943

University Club: Conducts Survey

Report Heater Oil Leakages for Safety's Sake

Leave Clearance Interviews

Butte, Canal Cooperative Committee Confab Ends

Demand Nisei Soldiers Rights

Attention: Former Fed. Civil Service Workers

Poston Dentists

Timely Topics at Three Forums

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Things of Interest...

Federal Civil Service Tests Held as Possibly Here

Tomorrow's Church Services

The World Today

Japan Minister to Talk Tomorrow

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Produce Export Rolls Steadily

Mending Completed

Music Hour Presents Renowned Composers

More Transfers, Departures Made

Beauty Shoppe Opens: 7 Operators: Fair Rates

Promotion For Net Engineer

Washing Machines, Typewriters Sought

Kids Threw Rocks on Stage: Motion Picture May be Stopped

Glass Repairs Strictly Cash

Health Problems Column to Start

Nuptial Revealed

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Judo Popular in Canal; Tournament Planned

Postonian View Gila Enterprises

League Finally Expected to Start

Contact Inai for Sport Goods Order

Get-Together for Departing Head

Netters Sponsor Exclusive Social

Butte CAS Shindig Tonite in Mess 41

Forum Presents Marital Problems (Cont.)

Ten Dons to Give Valentine Hop

Sparklettes Out to Avenge Defeat

Libraries Receive 5,000 New Books

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League Starts in Canal. Aye League Evenly Matched; Tourney Champs Draw Bye

Boxing Classes Conducted Daily

YMBA, Bulldogs Favored Over Hapless Opponent

Canal: Who's Playing

Boy's Cage Loop

Gas Power Model Plane Exhibition on Tap Sunday

Briefs: New Fields to be Opened

Golf Planned

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section