Title: Gila News-Courier, Vol. IV, No. 6, 1/20/1945, (denshopd-i141-00364)
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Gila News-Courier
Vol. IV, No. 6
January 20, 1945

Nisei Soldiers Entertained

Auditorium Ok'd for Basketball

Leave Score

Army Calls Twenty-two to Active Duty Monday

Butte to See Japanese Talkie

Nakada Back on California Farm

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By June 30th: Bill Called for Closing Centers

Rumor Revealed Entirely Untrue

School Opportunities

Gilans Attend YWCA Conference

Army Nurse Corp to Take Nisei

Flowers Sent by 442nd Soldiers

King and Queen Contest Open

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To and Fro

Joins Sorority

PTA Will Hear Gila Physician

Tamaki Named School Prexy

Lt. Sakamoto Visits Butte

Hospital Needs Nurses Aides

Oregon: Reactions on Nisei Return

Students Plan Mid-Term Hop

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[Check] and Pick

Jobs Open in Washington D.C.

Butte Welfare Aids Evacuees

Butte Toy Loan Gets Donation

Cincinnati: A Battle Wound That's Eloquent

Wyoming Ranch Up For Sale

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L.A.: Civil Service Accords Rights

Rev. Morton Speaks Sunday


Ads and Ends

300 Granadans Plan to Return

Butte YBA Plans Morning Service

Dr. Lawson: Dietary Aides Make Good

Rev. Kimura to Address YBA


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Canal: Deacons Edge Ten Pins 33-31

Tennis: Sueda Elected to Presidency

Butte Canal Cage Schedule

Olympics Down Broncs, Take League Championship

Butte Bees Have Walloping Time

Butte C Teams Initiate League

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