Title: Gila News-Courier, Vol. I No. 24, 12/2/1942, (denshopd-i141-00024)
Densho ID: denshopd-i141-00024

Gila News-Courier
Vol. I No. 24
December 2, 1942

National Meat Rationing Hits Gila Colony

Evacuation Rumors Spiked by Cozzens

Hot Water Hours Told

Twenty-nine Volunteer for Service in Army Military Intelligence

Mess Hall 49 Rated Best

Utensils to be Returned

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Sawyer Appointed New Education Superintendent

Tuttle Welfare Counsellor

Gila Attorney Now Available

Club 28 Elects

Shop Early for Christmas Gifts

Thank You Wishes Given

Officers: Don Seniors

Grand Exhibit Opens Friday

Honma-Mayeda Nuptial Rites


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Packing Crew Works Late

New Tractors

Camp Savage Enlisters Told (Cont.)

In Appreciation

Shortages Sabotage Vegetable Crop

Attention! Hasegawa Hatashita

Popular Prices for Gila Greens

Wedding Bells Extoll [Extol] Union

News Briefs...

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Grid Managers Asked to Select All-Star Team

Mess Team Trips San Jose 4-2

Schedule Games With Athletic Directors

Girls' Meeting

Call for Managers to Enter Football Teams

Olympian to Meet Hi-Jinx. Peppy Pepperettes Tangle With W.E.E.

What's the Score?


Pace Setting Babes Captures Volleyball Title

National League Champions Honored

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