Title: Gila News-Courier, Vol. I No. 2, 9/16/1942, (denshopd-i141-00002)
Densho ID: denshopd-i141-00002

Gila News-Courier
Vol. I No. 2
September 16, 1942

Temporary Government Organized

Recent Ruling Affect Aliens

Employment Policies Announced by W.R.A.

Block Removals Voted Down

Entry Permit Process Stated

New Arrivals Enter Camp

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Canteen Profit?

The House That Isn't There

Arizona Believes in Nisei

Japanese Supplement

Gila Tom Tom

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Three Students Leave Center for School

'Young American with a Japanese Face'

Library Setup

Mixed Couples Ruling Revealed

Unclaimed Mail


On the Slate

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Messin' Around

Hop Attracts Large Crowd

'W' for Warden

Fryers Visitors

Cotton Pickers Begin Work: Expenses Defrayed by Employers

Citizens May Quit Center

Vital Statistics

Huso Makes a Statement

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Fire Bureau Inaugurated

Block Removal (Cont.)

Employment Policies Told (Cont.)

Buddhist Group Holds Meeting

Five Nisei Save Life

Citizens May Quit Center (Cont.)

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3000 Witness Church Opening

Death Takes Parlier Woman

Card of Thanks

School Registration Set for Tomorrow

Benefit Dance

Registration Continues for Adult Education Courses

Canal News: July Paychecks Ready Soon

Buddhist Club Elect Officers

Employment Policy (Cont.)


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Assistant Supervisor Chosen. Harry Ota to Assist M.J. Gaba in Building Butte Recreation

Upsets in Canal Leagues

Rules Changed for Ice Breakers

Peanut League

Sports Sightings

Starlettes Defeats Pick-ups 11 to 8

Butte Warden Win

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Girls Volley Ball Entries Increase

Exercise Classes Still Held Daily

Sport Feature: Butte's Star Parade

Fujimoto Leads Hickory Swingers

Butte Bulldogs Score Win. Canal LA Bulldogs Defeated 6 to 2 by Visiting Camp Tens

Canal Pitching