Title: Gila News-Courier, Vol. II No. 98, 8/17/1943, (denshopd-i141-00140)
Densho ID: denshopd-i141-00140

Gila News-Courier
Vol. II No. 98
August 17, 1943

Notice: Net Workers

Carpenters Needed for New Schools

Chamberlin: Evacuee Property Services Listed

WAC Recruiters Here to Enlist Nisei Applicants. 4'9", 95 lbs. Minimum Requirements

Tule Lake Described

Varied Jobs Available in Washington D.C. Area

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Editorial: 'Nisei in Transition'

Feature: Keep Your Fingers Crossed Obon Dance Set for Sunday

Rivers Couple Helped Bring Understanding


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'Cleveland News' Praises Nisei

Forensic Club Meets Thursday

Tule Lake Can Accommodate Maximum of 18,000 Persons (Cont.)

Great Lakes Area Open to Nisei Seamen, Fishermen

Four Warehouse Divisions Moving

Tickets for Movie on Sale

Strict Adherence to Visiting Hours Urged

Chamberlin: Evacuee Property Services Listed (Cont.)

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Job Offers

Shameless Plug: Daily Californian Supports Coast Fair Play Committee

Formal Parade for Nisei Unit. Pence Expresses Pride, Confidence

Application Does Not Assure Return to Japan

Visiting Rules for Hospital (Cont.)

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Correction: Segregation for Parolees on Same Basis as Others

Rumor: Crystal City

Student Nurses Seek Schooling

Vital Statistics

Future Farmers Attend Parley

Army Beckons Accountant

'Daily' Deplores Fulminations (Cont.)


Student Revue Climaxes Session

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section