Title: Gila News-Courier, Vol. II No. 93, 8/5/1943, (denshopd-i141-00134)
Densho ID: denshopd-i141-00134

Gila News-Courier
Vol. II No. 93
August 5, 1943

Trends: Cost of Living Shows Increase

Harless: Congressman Visits Rivers


Pre-July 15 'No' to 'Yes' Change in LCB Group. Similar Interviews for 'Stop' List

Rivers Doctors Answer SOS

Hostels: Invitations to All Simplified

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Editorial: Striking Contrast

[Cartoon]: Little Gus: Ted Ito

Letter: Southerners Help Nisei

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Endangering Planes Traced to School

Canal: First All Student Fair - Carnival Tomorrow Nite

Special Treat at Talent Show

Rivers: Responsible for Vegetables

Jobs for Relocaters are not Arbitrarily Frozen

Railroad Seeks Evacuee Labor


Issei Succeeds

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Swift's Satire Showing Soon

Usage of Block Advisors Urged

Butte Engeikai Program Sunday

Physical Exams Start in Block 28

Notes from Camp - Shelby

Goodwill Visit

Administration: Two Secretaries Join Staff

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Profits from Carnivals Used for Block Recreation. Playgrounds to be Constructed


Marshall New Scout Leader

College Opening Dates Available

Tanaka Promoted to Evacuee Fire Chief

Learn to Cook

Canal: 'Y' Girls Hold Membership Drive

Ducats on Sale for Rajah's 'Blue Fantasy'

Living Costs Rise in U.S.A. (Cont.)

Hands Off - Mauser

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Vikings Rally to Nip Cards, Blk 28 Tie Firemen. Hinode's Meet 'Riders in Exhibition Game Tonight. Ken Zenimura, Roy Nakamura Paces Hitters in Pinches. Guadalupe vs. '66 Saturday

'28 Bees Wallop '33. '65 Meet Lompoc Bees

Directors Meeting

Girls' Volleyballers to be Awarded

Sports News-Courier

Moon Ikeda's Circuit Clout Leads Viks to Win

White Soxs Versus Cards Tonight

To Playout Postponed Tilts

Nob Oki Clouting at Cool 383 Clip Thru Whole Season

Sumoists Practice

Haru Kagawa Pitches No Hitter, Dons Win

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Japanese Language Section

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