Title: Gila News-Courier, Vol. I No. 12, 10/21/1942, (denshopd-i141-00012)
Densho ID: denshopd-i141-00012

Gila News-Courier
Vol. I No. 12
October 21, 1942

Camouflage Net Work Begins. Work Limited to Citizens Only: One Thousand Workers Sought

Rivers Cities Near Capacity

Marine Visits Rivers Friends

Gila Chapter of JACL Assured

Friedman Fills Post at Canal

Class to Train Teachers Open

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Cacti Cutters Cautioned

WRA Communities Compared

Rivers Residents Absolved

Gila Tom Tom

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Attention: Ex Pasadenans

Prep Paper

New Councilmen

Trio to Depart

Help Wanted

Leave Rules Wait Clearance

Canteen Sales High

Call in for Toys, Games

Thespians Elect Yamamoto Prexy

Photos Possible

Printers Hi-Lites

Cupid Coheres Canal Couple

College Lures CAS Member

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Positions Open for New Arrivals

Pay Checks to be Distributed Soon

In Appreciation

Union Church Donates to CAS

Butte Movie Friday Night

Shorthand Class to Open Soon

Card of Thanks

Last Rites for Tony Shinomoto

Over Due

Dance Troupe Present Show

University Club Show Action

Canal Calendar

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The Farm

Nurseries Grow Under Direction of Specialists

Labor Shortage Hits Dehydrator

Thinners Wanted

Boxes Needed

Farm Acreage Under Ten Heads

Rivers Ships First Produce

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Block Heads Annex Crown

Gila Cyclones Move Closer to Pennant

Victory Dance

Goh Tournament Starts Sunday

Gila Sumo Kyokai Drafted at Canal

Six-Man Football Pre-Season Tourney

Basketball Round Up

Grid League to Open-Fire

Girls' Softball to End Tonight

Yamashiro Crowned Horshoe [Horseshoe] Champ

Lassies' Rally

Mr. Tulare Improves

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[Illustration]: Gila Relocation Authority. Gila River Project. Proposed Landscaping Around Mess Hall

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