Title: Gila News-Courier, Vol. I No. 11, 10/17/1942, (denshopd-i141-00011)
Densho ID: denshopd-i141-00011

Gila News-Courier
Vol. I No. 11
October 17, 1942

JACL Office Open in Block 42

Stockton, Fresno Arrive today

Butte Citizens Poll 1,813 Votes: 21 Block Representatives Elected

Colony Leaves Keep Steady Pace

Butte -- Canal Workers Ride

Rules on Night Travel Stated

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Food Hoarders -- Food Shortage

Gentlemen-Hell! -- President-Well!

Gila Tom Tom

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[Illustration]: Introducing... My Gila Diary

Tree Planting Discouraged Now: November Better, Says Nichols

Pedestrians Check Miles

Soy Sauce Mill at Manzanar

No Age Limit for Warehouseman

Squirrels are Plague Source

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On the Slate

Regional Men Visit Rivers

Adult Education Program Commences With Meeting on October 21

Activity Reports Requested by CAS

Henderson Subs

Committee Extends Contest Date

Walking Taught by Instructress

Girls Club Pick Mokuda as Prexy

Over Due

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Postal Regulations of Colony Changed by New Army Rule

Vital Statistics

Canal Store Opens Monday

Novelty Dance on Tap Saturday

Marital Problems Studied by Adults

Club Requests Draftees Lists

Asakura Appointed

Rivers Sabbath Schedule

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Poultry Farm Planned to Supply Communities' Egg Need

More Gila Crops for Kitchens

30 Day Food Supply on Hand

Variety Revue by Farm Management

Sympathy Note

Colony Pastures Private Herds

Saito Switches to Livestock Job

Agriculture [Illegible]

Temperature Reading

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National League Crown at Stake Tomorrow

52 Mess Tackle Bulldog Five

Site for Sumo

Maeda, Inai Urges Sign-up

Ten Mess League Teams Entered

Canal Volleyball Schedule

Canal's First Grid Practice

Butte Volleyball to End Monday

Horseshoe Slingers Pitch for Crown

Music Hour


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Speedy Leathernecks Rated Grid Favorites

Canal Notice

Sports Feature: Gila Star Parade

Pasadena Meets Dukes Tomorrow

Dance Schedule

Sports Sightings

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[Illustration]: Series 1, No. 5. Agricultural Field East of Butte. Rivers, Arizona

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section