Title: Letter from issei man to wife, 5/3/1942, (denshopd-p140-00080)
Densho ID: denshopd-p140-00080

May 3rd

My Dearest Katsu: --

How are you at new location Puyallup? You might guess how my camp life is now. I attend 21st Sunday service today since we parted. Rev. N.E. Franklin of Nazarene Church of Missoula delivered the sermon very earnestly but the audience about little [censored] its decrease. Many person playing baseball outside the field. We all vaccination for tick (Montana local epidemic) yesterday which I understand Dr. Noguchi detected many years ago in Rocky Mountain.

I watch articles of your evacuation in newspaper every day. I feel very sorry for you and young second generations who born this great God country. They would compelled to move from prohibited area but we got cooperate to U.S. Army necessity. Please good understand and be perseverance until this World War is over in near (wish) future.

May 4th

Someone apply petition to U.S. Justice Dpt. ask for Repatriation to native Japan [censored]. Rev. Nakajo wrote me plan to going Seattle, Tacoma yesterday from Portland for Evangelist tour among Japanese. I don't write by Japanese because none more to send limit, by English some post cards beside two letters in week. I sent card to George last week. Oklahoma, Arkansas sweep by tornado, friends there report the incident, says Mr. Watada…Yoshito…Well have you son George's Army uniform photo? I asked him another letter on Friday! Please good care yourself. Regards to Mr. Sakamoto from Vice Mayor.

With love

Yours Genji