Title: Letter from issei man to wife, 2/11/1943, (denshopd-p140-00156)
Densho ID: denshopd-p140-00156

Mrs. Katsuno G. Mihara
Hunt, Idaho.

MIHARA, Genji-46-J-452-C1
Co. 11 B. 17, Int. Camp
Lordsburg, New Mexico

Feb. 11, 1943

Dear my Katsuno:-

Congratulation your Happy Birth day to-day Darling! I sent you the Koishi Koishi made flower basin to celebrate your birthday today. I offer it as a token of my red hearty greet. I wish you many many happy return for hundred of ages. Of course with me as my better half, naturally.

Thank you for a genuine solid leather Hamley belt which I wear and tighten right after open the registered parcel yesterday as same time Roy sent me nice bulbs of Freesias & Dutch Iris. I think keep it until we move to new Center where we will be reunion near future.

Mr. Richard Takeuchi stay visiting just like Tom was visit last summer. I do best for them as Governor here Camp. Internment Camp treat us very nice as I told you before. Don't worry at all about me and we will going to new family center. Let Roy decide himself, but you ask and leave to Seiji Kakuno to look after him please. Next man send a flower vase to Mr. Mrs. Arthur, Fumiko to-

day. Remember me to Mrs. Kiku Matsuda for nice handmade vase. How are you now? We are liable to get sick when the weather is unsettled. So, you must care much more than when it is cold. It's meaning yourself take full attention. Health come first & second in our present circumstance. When we are separated like this I do become anxious about you whenever the weather is unusual.


Your Genji