Title: Letter from issei man to wife, 10/7/1942, (denshopd-p140-00139)
Densho ID: denshopd-p140-00139

Mrs. Katsuno, G. Mihara,
38-8-E- Minidoka, W.R.A.
Hunt Branch, Twin Falls, IDAHO.

MIHARA, Genji Isn. 46-J-452-C1
Co. 11 #2 Internment Camp
Lordsburg, New Mexico.

Oct. 7 1942

Dearest My Katsuno:-

Delighted I received your 30th letter with joy. I glad you are well as such called so many friends who lived far distant with walking on feet. I guess your foot tired and became stiff, I wish I would shampoo your stiff foot myself.

How is the small fish which you brought home with water? Roy changing the water every day, alive yet? Ten months today.

Felt I unsatisfy? Well, I appreciate very much to you but always waiting your tidings of next after next. It was not complaint but frankly I can't think out a particularly good phrase, just lonesome of course, in spite of among bustling of many friends in this camp. It is good news that you are going get private room. Yes, I will write a card to Mr. Chika in this week. I met two young men with their fathers yesterday, they say "pretty good camp as we live in Idaho and you are most healthier looking with pep Mihara-san!"

Last Sunday after our service, next bed man made me a flowwer [flower] vase with my favored stones which I polished in Missoula, it's fine. I will send you later on, after I used Mayor's table a while, and might get permit to mail to you because no package allowed mailing now yet.

How is Mr. Nishimoto's family, moved to #44 from #23 block. Did you call again Mr. Tom Tadashi & Miss Takako? I think you learn many things, what you want to know. Give my best regards to Roy & Arthur. Please best care self.

With love

Sincerely Yours