Title: Letter from issei man to wife, 10/2/1942, (denshopd-p140-00137)
Densho ID: denshopd-p140-00137

Mrs. Katsuno, G. Mihara,
38-8-E-Minidoka, W.R.A.
Hunt Branch, Twin Falls, Idaho.

MIHARA, Genji-ISN. 46-J-452-C1
Comp. 3 Co. 11 #2 Internment Camp
Lordsburg, New Mexico.

Oct. 2, 1942

My dearest Katsuno:-

How are you now a days? I am well and enjoying work at the my Mayor's office. It is very sorry for Miss Takako & Brother will you call her as soon as you could, and help them as you please. Mr. Zenshiro's day Sept. 30th, tell them to remember the 30th every month. I pray for the poor sister and brother.

We began to use gas stoves in camp. It is automatic and good for health, this stove isn't so noisy as we thought. It makes rather a pleasing sound. It's sound is like the whispering of wind among the pines. I think I like it. We are glad to have it.

We had an art exhibit other day. It was great success and thanks to the fine work of the amateur artists and the effort of the committee in charge. We had to line up to gain entrance.

Our exhibit will again be held next Sunday at the request of art lovers. Sorry I have none things and times to make them at all this time. We have now beer in canteen. A cheerful news for the drinkings isn't it? It certainly enlivens them I suppose.

Sorry I couldn't mention their names by regulations here. Well, many of my friends were apparently under the influence of canteen beer. And they looked as pleased [illegible] tell friends' wives about it. They will be glad to hear it.

We are now in the best season of the year. And according to our good doctor we are in the most healthy state in America, however it is deplorable that there are many who are suffering from stmack [stomach] and intestinal deseases [diseases] too. I am in excellent health as I take good care of myself. Hope you will do the same as I do Dear.

With Love

Sincerely Yours Genji