Title: Letter from issei man to wife, 9/7/1942, (denshopd-p140-00131)
Densho ID: denshopd-p140-00131

Genji Mihara ISN. 46-J-452C1
Co. 11 #2


Dear Katsu

Received letter and one delay Aug 21st. Glad you and boys well such as are working. New form letter now. Your advice? I asked you to join family internment camp when if permitted of our petition. Yes! Snakes, bluetails and some scorpions here. Please be aware of poisonous incects [insects] or venomous snakes, don't walk through the grrass [grass]. Gave some candy to uncle. I see, you are a truly lady who inspires deep reverence at the mess #2 through the token of present which you received. Learned Minidoka Camp facilities are much better, you call Miss Takako Block 3-10-A.

I will try my best to mayoralty with Gods. It has been hot here however now cooler. Last evening we saw a splendid rainbow its both ends were touching to the green earth making a perfect semicircle. Sept. 11th waited but not yet your letter, but enjoying with hear from young man about Minidoka. Wish you call Miss Takako end of this month.

Affectionate yours Genji