Title: Letter from issei man to wife, 7/12/1942, (denshopd-p140-00115)
Densho ID: denshopd-p140-00115

Genji Mihara, Isn. 46-J-452-CI
K. II Mayor's Office
Internment Camp, Lordsburg, New Mexico

July 12 1942

My Dearest Katsuno:

I don't heard long time you, guess wrote me by Japanese so censor take long time, sure you sent me right after you get my first postcard from this Lordsburg camp. The heat in here is over hundred every day unbearable, we yearning our northern waterly beautiful scenery in summer. Thank GOD am well and busy at mayor's office.

We treated here nice and much better improving now by day, we have radio and newspaper since last week. Got three dollars coupons for exchange at canteen. I spent to soda, ice cream, tooth paste, stamps, etc. The news man spend for just cigarettes only, because it's for full month of July. Have you my pass port returned by F.B.I. who held it at office in safe Dec. 7th night 1941.

I met Jack yesterday and had a long conversation. Remember me to Mrs. Yasutake. I charged good service this morning, my young minister preached and my young correspondence secretary sang a solo.

Got letter from Mr. Yoichi but none about his mother he says. Every body has different disposition like faces, Mrs. Misao always like that way last. We have [censored] and Hospital. Please give my best regards to Shuzo, home learned to-day he served excellent at N.D. I start Matthews July 9th keep onr [one] chapter every day to end.

Please best care yourself and look after the boys. Remember me to Mr. Seiji & wife, Mrs. Sunohara, Mrs. Okiyama, Nishimoto, and Rev. Shoji and Rev. Kodaira. The all I know.

I am Sincerely Yours

With Love Genji Mihara