Title: Manzanar Free Press, Vol. II, No. 8, 8/7/1942, (denshopd-i125-00044)
Densho ID: denshopd-i125-00044

Manzanar Free Press
Vol. II, No. 8
August 7, 1942


Pomona Center to Wyoming

Co-op Schedules First Meet. Block Delegates to Attend Sat. Meeting

June Pay Continues as $17,000 Remain

Heads for Texas

Army Seeks Citizen Translators. Sends Lt. Colonel to Conduct Survey

Red Cross Election Slated

New Caucasian Officials on Duty

Strauss Waltzes for Symphony Hour

Optometrist Due in Center Saturday

Two Local Couples in Wedding Rites

Recommend Nisei Councils

Minor Cases Fill Court Calendar

Youth Stabbed as Result of Dice Game

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Manzanar Free Press Staff

Speak Through Your Ballots

Squelch Those Rumors --

An Apple a Day Keeps Doctor Away

Errr... Shall We?

Shooting the Breeze...

Youth Stabbed... (Cont.)

Manzanar Metazoa

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Canteen Cowboy Sez...

Co-op Congress

Stardusters Slate Installation Rite

News Briefs

Attention! Co-op Committeemen

Catholic Services

Religious Services

Outdoor Christian Services Set

Plan Open House

Classified Ads

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Sport Core

7-11 Crushes Bel Aire 18-3. Seko Pitches No-Hit Game

Diehards Outbid Royal Flush, 9-5

Tony's Fall Prey to Yogores, 5-3

'A' Schedules

Knights Drop Padres, 9-3

Giants Squash Wonders, 12-2

Stars Suffer 7-4 Defeat from Kings

Scorpions Drub Esquires, 8-3