Title: Manzanar Free Press, Vol. III, No. 68, 8/25/1943, (denshopd-i125-00160)
Densho ID: denshopd-i125-00160

Manzanar Free Press
Vol. III, No. 68
August 25, 1943

New Eight-Hour Day Rule Will be Enforced -- Merritt

Errors in Pamphlet on Segregation Told

Local Watermelons Due at Mess Halls

Compensation Act Protects Workers

Local Scout Troops in Flag Ceremony

Holland Arrives on Fourth Local Visit

Temporary Change in Hospital Staff as Little Rests

Summer Sessions to Close Friday

Business College to Hold Outdoor Meet

Completion of All Hearings Expected

Nisei Acceptable in Women's Army Corps

Relocation Officer Here to Recruit

Oodles of Shows

16 Manzanar Repatriates, Expatriates Leave Center

Fire Chief Cautions

Closing of Centers Refuted by Myer

Noon-Essential Travel Suspended Now

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Manzanar Free Press Staff

Are You Conserving?

Look to Your Future

Social Doings

Ichien Baron Prexy

Encouraging Article About Japanese in Christian Magazine

Catholic Church to Feature Speaker

Judo Tournament

Lads in Merchant Marine

272 Parti-Time Jobs Given to Students

Public Works Gets Blueprint Machine

Vital Statistics

Bill Seeks to Amend Naturalization Law

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Letters from the Public

Iowa Employer Seeks Japanese

Vocational Training

Around the Blocks

Jr. Matrons Elect New Club Officers

Dance Party Held

Chinese Americans Ask 'Fair Play' for Loyal Nisei Citizens

Classified Ads

Living Conditions in Cleveland Told

Mademoiselle Debut Hailed as Success

Science Meeting

From Other Centers...

Wyoming Center Enters Second Year

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Knights Tame Bulldogs, 6-2; Has Beens Best Sears, 4-2. Knights' Kitaoka Masters 'Dogs; Tsukashima Routed

Packers Down Huskies, 16-9

Block 20 in 10-6 Win


YBA Goes Berserk to Triumph, 15-5

Blk. 3 and Blk. 5 Batle to 8-8 Tie

W. Okamoto and Yoshiwara Lead Has Beens to Victory

Timbers Fell Knight 'B,' 12-8

Softball Menu

Vikings Humble Timbers, 6-1

Oshima in 3 Hitter