Title: Manzanar Free Press, Vol. III, No. 13, 2/13/1943, (denshopd-i125-00104)
Densho ID: denshopd-i125-00104

Manzanar Free Press
Vol. III, No. 13
February 13, 1943

To My Friends at Manzanar...

Army to Accept Volunteer Nisei From Outside

Teachers to Aid Army Registration

Senior 'A' Picture

$47,000 January Payroll Arrives

Menus Affected by New Orders

Army Questions and Answers

Required Registration Begins in All Blocks. Volunteering and Registration Not Alike, Says Coordinator

Ration Will Hit Manzanar Same as Other Cities

'Special Nisei Unit' Explained

Japanese-American Soldiers Can Visit Manzanar

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Manzanar Free Press

Abraham Lincoln

Valentine's Day

Museum Exhibit Has Variety

Block Recreation

McLaughlins in L.A.

In Appreciation

Russia's Role in War, Peace

Co-op Rebates

New Books Ordered

--Special Nisei (Cont.)

Answer Tax Questions

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News Nuggets

Vital Statistics

Classified Ads

Dr. Nozaki to Speak at Fourth Lecture on Sunday Night

Three Bands Boost Valentine Lei Dance at Block 35 Tonight

Otsuya Service

Jeep Tires Through Music Connection Bit Stretched

Manzanar Hospital Has Medical Visitor

Rumor Clinic Started

Crowd Expected to Hear Dr. Hunter at Christian Forum

YP Social Slated

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A.A.U. Organization Talk May Materialize Soon

Sport Plate

Dusty Chicks, Justameres Land Five in Final Casaba All-Star Selection

Padres Mild Threat to Gophers. Aces-Rats Listed for First Scrap

Sport Core

Bel-Aires-Spartan Hoopfest Tabbed Top BB Billing

Sportsman... Knights