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Frank Abe Collection
Title: Clifford Uyeda Interview
Narrator: Clifford Uyeda
Interviewers: Frank Chin (primary); Frank Abe (secondary)
Location: San Francisco, California
Date: May 5, 1996
Densho ID: denshovh-uclifford-01-0014

<Begin Segment 14>

FC: Question about the resisters and redress...

CU: Yeah.

FC: Did you see the support for the resisters and the resistance as a threat to redress?

CU: No, absolutely not.

FC: Or did they actualy help the cases?

CU: To me, I think it helped the case. Because if the Americans knew what really happened, if the Japanese Americans even knew what really happened, then possibly their willingness and their desire to seek redress would be even stronger.

FC: The JACL would say, "Oh, the resisters broke the law, that's what makes them un-American, they broke the law. And it's not good for Americans to break the law."

CU: You know, but laws are always being broken, laws are always being changed. If it was wrong, morally wrong, then it should be broken. And I think you, the history of America shows many times that the laws were broken, and they have changed, because the laws have, it's not the resisters that changed, it's the law that has to be changed, and the laws are, has been changed.

FC: One of the processes of, one of the ways of petitioning for redress.

CU: Yeah, right.

FC: Testing of the law by breaking it.

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