Densho Digital Archive
Frank Abe Collection
Title: Gloria Kubota Interview
Narrator: Gloria Kubota
Interviewer: Frank Abe (primary); Frank Chin (secondary)
Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: August 28, 1993
Densho ID: denshovh-kgloria-01-0009

<Begin Segment 9>

FA: You told me that a lot of the meetings of the Fair Play Committee, Steering Committee, were held around the table in your barracks.

GK: Well, at first they, when they're first talking, I don't know who they were, 'cause I really didn't know them at time. It's later on that I knew the different boys. And they came one time and I -- this one time when I was trying to help them type, I was too slow so I got fired, I know that -- but I know they used to get together and write things and try to let the Isseis know what was going on, because they didn't understand the Nisei English so much. And so my husband was like their translator. But he translated because he believed that what they're doing was right.

FA: What were those meetings like, Gloria? Were they really quiet or was there a lot of shouting?

GK: No. Well, this was just few people because when they had at the mess halls, I never went. They had, people used to gather at mess halls, different mess halls. I never went to those things, but the few times that the few people came to our unit to talk, I guess about what they would talk about or something, but I just was helping them that one time. But we had shower curtains to divide the thing so if I was there, I would be in the other part, but most of the time I used to go over to my mother's and stay with her with my children.

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