Title: North Portland Evacuazette, Vol. I No. 8, 6/12/1942, (denshopd-i120-00005)
Densho ID: denshopd-i120-00005

North Portland Evacuazette
Vol. I No. 8
June 12, 1942

71 Graduates Receive Diplomas

16 Elementary Holds Party


Canteen Enlarged

Educational Program Opens

Food Exams Being Conducted

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Evacuazette Staff

Symbol of God

Religious Services

Our Lil' Sweetie-Pie Joannie

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Benny's Film Draws Crowd

Radio Shop Dance Sat.

Lab. Added to Hospital


'Zombie Day'

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Invaders Lose But Annex 'B' Crown

Takaya Wins Junior Title


Bachs. Beat Cousins 10-5

Softball League 'B' Final Standings

Special Notice