Title: Title: North Portland Evacuazette, Vol. II No. 4, 8/25/1942, (denshopd-i120-00029)
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North Portland Evacuazette
Vol. II, No. 4
August 25, 1942

Farewell Edition

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Evacuazette Staff

Fond Adieu

Editor's Message

Blue Ribbon

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Manager's Message

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Mess & Lodging Finance. Clarence Anderson

John W. Weimer

Health Service: Dr. E.C. Drescher

Supplies: Leo C. Rush

Interior Police: Joseph A. Johnston

Advisory Board: Howard Nomura

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Fire Protection Service: F.J. McFarland

Supervisor of Works: Guy H. Booker

Service Division: Carl R. Trowbridge

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It's a Woman's World. Accent on Apparel

If We Were Men

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More About Clothes -- (Cont.)

Barracks -- to-Homes

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Faith in Conviction

To a Flower


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Signing Off

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The 'Wrecs' -- Upholder of Morale. Many Events Sponsored by Athletic Dept.

Oldsters Play Shogi

Golf Course Delights Many Divot-Diggers

Softball Inaugurated First Here

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Plan Fans Construct Many Models

Individual Batting Averages

Final Standings

Surprises Feature Ball Season

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The Recreation Staff

Unorganized Activities Prominent

'Shoe' Tossers Have Tourney

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Badminton Popular Here

Table Tennis Outstanding

Continued Recreation Staff

Summer Softball Opened July 17

Enthusiastic Fans See Ball Games

Ramblers Cop Pennant

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We Gave 'Em De [Illegible] a Plug

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Thoughts That Awe Us

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Staff Bids Adieu

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Staff Pens Adieu

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Staff Pens Adieu (Cont.)

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On Our Way: Autographs

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On Our Way: Autographs

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La Finis