Title: Minidoka Irrigator, Vol. II, No. 8, 1/27/1943, (denshopd-i119-00025)
Densho ID: denshopd-i119-00025

The Minidoka Irrigator
Vol. II, No. 8
January 27, 1943

Ex-Senator Will Speak Here Friday

Masaoka Voices Plea For Unity. Outlines JACL's Fight for Nisei

Pay Given. Colonists Paid for December Work

Coast Cities in Winter's Grip; Storm Hits Seattle. Reported Worst in Two Decades

Share-croppers Still Recruited

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Editorial: For Unity -- Now!

Need of Unity Stressed in Talk (Cont.)

Japanese Library Gets More Books

Shibai Opens in D.H. 4, Sat.


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Pardon, But the Name is Bitterbrush. Or Purshia Tridentata, Authority Explains

Secretarial Job Calls Local Girl


More Students Get Releases. Three Pick Wash. State College

Wedding Date Set by Sumi Itami

New Additions are Announced

Married January 20

Speed Limit in School Zone Reduced to 10 Miles an Hour

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YMCA Official Here Jan. 31. Will Conduct Series of Meetings

Vital Statistics

Hunt's Agriculture Club Holds Initial Session

Ice Carnival Put Off Until Weather Permits

Plumbing Fixtures for Barber, Beauty Shops Being Installed

Relocation Projects Should be Left Alone. Transfer of Control Unwise, Says Tule Lake Teacher

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4550 Employed Here. Public Works Division Leads in Number of Male Employees

Pennants Await Winners in Dining Hall Contest

See Luxuries for Yourself. Heart Mt. Invites Sen. Reynolds

More Than 500 Meal Tickets Out, Steward Reveals

Lost -- A Mitten

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Ice Hockey Loop Looms. Equipment Received from Seattle

Farm Machinery in Storage Sought

Rupert Rotary Club Will Hear Male Quartet

Gym, Auditorium Included in School Plans

Lawrence J. Collins Lauds Community Enterprises Here

Outside Job Offers

Variety of In-Project Jobs Listed

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Social Rooms Set. Grand Opening Slated Tonight

30,000 Tons of Coal In

G.R. Interclub Meet

Deposits Set-Up Explained


Mass Choir Will Appear in Jerome

Community Sing

Unclaimed Mail

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Girl Scout Activities

Fete Performers

Record Concert

Teachers' Help Speeds Work of Leaves Division

Catholic Activities

Claim Your Towels

What's the Matter With Iowa?

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President's Birthday Dances Slated. Future Shindigs Put Under Block Supervision

Call Issued for Farm Machinery, Cars

Burman Back at Old Post

Three Kinds of Japanese

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Glamour Hunt On. Quest Commences for Sweetheart of Minidoka. Rules Given

Pick Block Winners By Jan. 31

Co-op Membership Drive Under Way

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section

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Japanese Language Section