Title: Minidoka Irrigator, Vol. I, No. 25, 12/9/1942, (denshopd-i119-00018)
Densho ID: denshopd-i119-00018

The Minidoka Irrigator
Vol. I, No. 25
December 9, 1942

Colony's Acute Labor Shortage Now Relieved

Funeral Rites Held for T. Abe

One Killed, Nine Hurt in Manzanar. Calif. Center Under Martial Law

Thousand-Acre Farm Planned, Says Bacca

Long Leaves for 3 More Approved

Dixon Miyaguchi, Appointed F.O.R. Contact Man Here

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The Minidoka Irrigator Staff

Dearer Than Life Itself is U.S. Citizenship -- Yasui


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Japanese Library Opened. Shelves Contain Over 1000 Volumes

Postage Now Required on Colony Mail

School Students to Discuss Yule Mixer

Beltt Back from Co-op Conference

Trio Departing to Teach at Boulder School

Record Concert

Incorporation Articles of Co-op Ratified

Dispensary Has Doctor Assigned

G.R. Issues Call for Special Meet


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Internees in Louisiana Camp in Good Shape

B and I Girls' Club Sponsors Drive for Larger Membership

Travel Aid to be Furnished (Cont.)

Sixth Graders Display Work

Guidance Office Offers Help

Oct. Wages Paid to Mess Workers

Tolo Hops Saturday

Skating is Fun Even When You Hop. To Maneuver on Blade Requires Much Skill

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Green Stamp Books Will be Distributed Starting Mon.

Harmonica Fans Will Meet

Suitcases, Fur Coat are Reported Lost

Get-Together Will Honor Parents Sat. in Dining Hall 24

New Rules to Govern House Assignments

Set Tentative Date for Talent Revue

Saddle Shoes Here

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Irrigator Suffers Trouncing in Grid Game With Superior Wrecs

Beet Workers Asked to Special Mixer

Wedding Date Set

Benefits From Church Forum Topic Tonight

'Shibai' Starts Dec. 17 to 22

Schmoe to be Guest Speaker at SEG Meeting

Believes in Future, Ultimate Destiny of These United States (Cont.)

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Dokie by Eddie Sato

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Japanese Language Section