Densho Digital Archive
Twin Cities JACL Collection
Title: George Murakami Interview
Narrator: George Murakami
Interviewer: Steve Ozone
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Date: October 13, 2009
Densho ID: denshovh-mgeorge_4-01-0005

<Begin Segment 5>

SO: So your father is gone and you were sent to an assembly center. Where was that?

GM: We were sent to Tulare Assembly Center, which was on, I think, on the Tulare County Fairgrounds. It's... near Fresno.

SO: And how long were you there?

GM: We were there about six months I think. Then we were sent to Gila in Arizona.

SO: And transportation was by bus, right?

GM: To Tulare it was.

SO: Did the family own a car?

GM: They did. I'm not sure, I think my mother sold it or something. But I guess there were some people that drove there. I don't think we took too much. Things that my mother tried to sell and then couldn't sell was put into a hall that the Japanese owned. I think most of the families stored their articles and stuff, furniture and whatever in this one hall. And I don't think we ever -- it was ransacked -- and so we didn't get any of that back.

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