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Twin Cities JACL Collection
Title: George Murakami Interview
Narrator: George Murakami
Interviewer: Steve Ozone
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Date: October 13, 2009
Densho ID: denshovh-mgeorge_4-01-0004

<Begin Segment 4>

SO: So then when Pearl Harbor happened you were still young, but what do you remember about that?

GM: The only thing I really remember is I think we were supposed to go to Japanese school. I think that was the following Monday right after Pearl Harbor, and they said there's no Japanese school. We came home, and that's only the basic thing I remember about that. Then, the aftermath is the packing and stuff when we found out we're going to go to camp. I remember my mother putting things together and setting aside this and that. The other thing is, it wasn't right after Pearl Harbor but in February I think, I'm not sure about that time frame, but my father mentioned the FBI coming in to pick him up, and they went through the house, ransacked it, took a few things: radios, guns and whatever, but we didn't know where my father went. They just picked him up...

SO: And it was because he was a member of an organization?

GM: Yes it was some kind of a men's organization.

SO: Heimushakai?

GM: Heimushakai. Some military men or something. I don't know why he would be in something like that.

SO: I did read that that group of men would meet and they would send money back to Japan. It was for the...

GM: The military?

SO: Yes.

GM: Okay.

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