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Steven Okazaki Collection
Title: Jim Hirabayashi - Rick Shiomi Interview
Narrators: Jim Hirabayashi, Rick Shiomi
Location: San Francisco, California
Date: October 27, 1983
Densho ID: denshovh-hjim_g-01-0003

<Begin Segment 3>

Q: Jim, can you tell us how you think, what your vivid memories of camp life were, how you think it affected people?

JH: Well, for me, when I first went to camp, we were warned of all kinds of dire consequences if we were to not obey rules and things like that, and being very conscious of the barbed wire fences and the guardhouses and being afraid to go near the fence and things like that. Other than that I remember breaking up of the family, I guess. We would spend all our time with our friends, eat with our friends. I think at first my parents tried to keep us together as a family unit, but I just went home to sleep at nights and spent the rest of the day playing or just avoiding going home. Until one night, my mother just had too much of it so that she cornered me and gave me a tongue lashing which was something I didn't count on because there were no ceilings. Walls only up to the ceiling part so that everybody down the barracks could hear. And I was counting on that not to be reprimanded but I just went too far. Learned how to play cards and things like that in camp that I never knew before. So it's kind of a radical change in our lives.

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