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Title: Rose Nakagawa Interview
Narrator: Rose Nakagawa
Interviewers: Jill Shiraki (primary); Kerry Nakagawa (secondary)
Location: Fresno, California
Date: March 9, 2010
Densho ID: denshovh-nrose-01-0001

<Begin Segment 1>

JS: Okay. So today is Tuesday, March 9th, and we're in Fresno interviewing Rose Nakagawa. And I'm Jill Shiraki, and assisting me is Kerry Nakagawa. And on camera is Dana Hoshide. So can you tell me your name and when you were born?

RN: Rose Yoshiko Nakagawa. I was born in Auburn, Washington.

JS: And can you tell me the names of your parents?

RN: Fukuda.

JS: Uh-huh, your father's first name?

RN: Matasuke.

JS: Matasuke Fukuda.

RN: Mother had died.

JS: Uh-huh, and what was your mother's name?

RN: Setsu... that was my auntie who raised me, was Setsu Fujimura. She adopted me.

KN: Her mother was Toki Fukuda.

JS: Toki Fukuda. And so your early years, where did you live, and what do you remember about that?

RN: Where do I...

JS: Where did you first live? Was it Auburn?

RN: Auburn, yeah.

JS: In Auburn.

KN: You want to talk about the ranch house and where you born, cherry tree, Ma?

RN: Cherry tree, and the river. It was right by our house, the river. Railroad, too, big railroad. So we used to play, we'd know when the train was coming, we knew it. We'd always have our ear on the...

JS: On the track?

RN: Uh-huh, on the track to see how far that train was. We used to play out there.

KN: And then what about the brothers, when they would bring the salmon home, they would drag it?

RN: Oh, yeah, they'd go salmon, yeah. And it was right where the salmon was spawning. So he would get a whole lot of salmon.

JS: So he would catch the salmon and he would bring it?

RN: Yeah, bring it in, and then Mother would slice it and put it in miso or something, so it would keep through the winter.

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