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Preserving California's Japantowns Collection
Title: Nori Masuda Interview
Narrator: Nori Masuda
Interviewers: Jill Shiraki (primary); Tom Ikeda (secondary)
Location: Fresno, California
Date: March 10, 2010
Densho ID: denshovh-mnori-01-0018

<Begin Segment 18>

TI: So how about the sports in Jerome?

NM: Sport?

TI: Yeah, because you did lots of sports at the --

NM: Yeah. Well, you know, we had all kinds of things. There's ladies basketball, volleyball, and then tennis. But tennis, you can't organize, because there's no court. There's a Butler Avenue, but --

TI: But, no, in Jerome, though. Jerome sports.

NM: Jerome.

TI: What was sports in Jerome?

NM: Tennis, then they didn't play, because they didn't have a tennis court. But they had high school, they had football field, and they had basketball outdoor, yeah. And then Arkansas is clay, see. That's why you got to mix dirt and sand, rough sand. And they bring red sand and mix it up so that we won't be sticking on our shoes all the time. If it's just mud, it just keep gathering, you can't take it off.

TI: And so what kind of sports? Like football, baseball?

NM: Oh, we had baseball. High school had football, okay, they had basketball, and then the camp had basketball. You know, each city, they make their own club. All kinds of club we had, yeah. They had A, B, C, D, you know, smaller kids.

TI: Did, did the Jerome sports teams ever play outside the camp?

NM: We went to, the all-stars from Jerome went to... what was the...

JS: Rohwer?

NM: What was the other camp?

JS: Yeah, Rohwer.

NM: Rohwer, yeah. Went to play the all-star there. So we went to nani, also was an all-star, too, so I went to play with them, and we got beat. And then they returned, and we got beat again. [Laughs] But that's okay. Yeah. See, the high school is all, one of the blocks, they use that sleeping quarters to classrooms, they changed it, Block so and so, the school, yeah. I got some pictures, you can see it later.

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