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Title: Shizuko Kadoguchi Interview
Narrator: Shizuko Kadoguchi
Interviewer: Peter Wakayama
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Date: February 15, 2005
Densho ID: denshovh-kshizuko-01-0007

<Begin Segment 7>

PW: So then you got married, and then, of course, this was also where the Japanese Canadian were being interned into the, the various interior, and so tell us about what happened with you and Bob after you got married.

SK: After married, we went back to Woodfibre. Still is, the family's almost gone, but single men and Issei people were there. So he look after all the Japanese people to move out from the Woodfibre. And they finished, we came out to Vancouver, and supposed to go into the Hasting Park. But everybody from Woodfibre people was in, oh, yes, in Hastings Park. "Don't come into here. You gonna get sick, so you stay. You could stay as, can, stay at the city." But if we go to Hastings Park, and at that time was my, compound family was there already. When we married, they were at the Hastings Park already, so the Kadoguchi family only back out, our marriage might not, my side of the family wasn't there, because they all moved to Greenwood, Vernon, and the camp, like, you know...

PW: Then tell me about Hastings Park and the conditions in Hastings Park.

SK: Hastings, really, I, when we moved to Toronto, think about the Hastings Park. Food wasn't very good, but for so many people, how could you cook different kind of thing? It's meat or fish, meat or fish, like that. And I, Hastings Park, for me, I think I was, came to very strong there, because every day, nothing to do. So we took the blanket outside, and lie down. And those days, sun wasn't like right, not grow for more, something. So I was, I think, healthy there.

PW: So you never went into the Hastings Park?

SK: Oh, yes.

PW: You did go in? You had to go in there?

SK: Yes, because we haven't got the money to stay in the hotel. [Laughs] Still, and we have to eat out. So we can't spend every penny, so, "Let's go in." And when I went in, my gosh, I never catch cold or anything at the Hastings Park.

PW: So you were there in Hastings Park from May to September?

SK: Yes, May, uh-huh.

PW: And then after, in September, where did you go?

SK: Tashme.

PW: And...

SK: That time is, too, Bob was, May we went in, and I think June, there, Bob have to go to camp. So Mr. Higaki was working in the office at Hastings Park, and he, he wasn't married at that time, so he asked Bob where he's going camp. "Okay then," he said, "I'll go your place, and you better stay back to look after Sue." He was really good for us.

PW: And you, so you went to Tashme with Bob's family?

SK: Yes.

PW: Could you tell me about Bob's family, and what you had to do, your responsibilities.

SK: [Laughs] Okay. Oldest sister is the same as my age, and two years, all different, and the youngest one is four-and-a-half-year difference. Sumi was thirteen, twelve, is going on thirteen. Her birthday's April, so it must be fourteen. So in Hastings Park, too, I was sleeping with her, you know, bunk bed, she would sleep up and I'd sleep down. And when we went to Tashme, I don't know how, you know that small place that we're living with, from the Victoria family? Just the half-father was there, too. One room, those four girls and myself in the one room. I don't, I don't remember. My goodness. [Laughs]

PW: Now, was Bob with you when you first moved to Tashme?

SK: No, Bob stayed back at the...

PW: Back in Hastings Park?

SK: Hastings Park.

PW: And came out later?

SK: Yes.

PW: So then, so then later on, you got your own house?

SK: Yes, when Bob came, was November. We had the house already.

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