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Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre Collection
Title: Mitsu Ito Interview
Narrator: Mitsu Ito
Interviewer: Mary Ito
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Date: March 23, 2005
Densho ID: denshovh-imitsu-01-0003

<Begin Segment 3>

Mary I: And what about on your mother's side? Who came to Canada?

Mitsu I: On my mother's side, there was one brother that came, and that's about all.

Mary I: You mean her brother?

Mitsu I: Yamashita. My mother's sister married Yamashita, and one of their children came to Vancouver. And their children now live in Winnipeg.

Mary I: How was it that your mother came over?

Mitsu I: I think my father went back and got married, and then brought her over.

Mary I: What was your mother's name?

Mitsu I: I forgot now.

Mary I: Tsugi?

Mitsu I: Tsugi, Tsugi, that's right.

Mary I: So was she actually the first to come from Japan?

Mitsu I: Yeah --

Mary I: From her family, right? She got married.

Mitsu I: Yeah, she was the first one. Yeah, she was the only one from that family, and then the other one that came is the son of the sister.

Mary I: And where was she born?

Mitsu I: In Shiga-ken, Nagahama. Matsubara, in Matsubara, near Iso, right next to a town.

Mary I: Do you know how your mother and father met?

Mitsu I: I think somebody in Japan introduced her. I think that in those days, had nakodo, somebody want to get married, they would find a suitable mate.

Mary I: What were they called, those people?

Mitsu I: Nakodo.

Mary I: Nakodo?

Mitsu I: Yes.

Mary I: So does that mean "go-between"?

Mitsu I: Go-between, yes.

Mary I: Do you remember your parents at all talking about life in Japan? Did they tell you much about what their previous life was like?

Mitsu I: No, they didn't... no, not too much, no. 'Cause they were farmers, so... and I think some people from B.C. came to Japan to offer them a job, they just decided to take a chance.

Mary I: Did they ever say they were homesick for Japan?

Mitsu I: No.

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