Densho Digital Archive
Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre Collection
Title: Mitsu Ito Interview
Narrator: Mitsu Ito
Interviewer: Mary Ito
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Date: March 23, 2005
Densho ID: denshovh-imitsu-01-0013

<Begin Segment 13>

Mary I: How long did you end up working for the military, translating?

Mitsu I: I was there ten years.

Mary I: Ten years?

Mitsu I: Ten years.

Mary I: Was it during that time, then, that you met your wife?

Mitsu I: Yes. About two years, be about 19-, I went to Japan in '46, so it would be about 1950.

Mary I: How did you meet your wife?

Mitsu I: I was introduced by an American Nisei that lived next door.

Mary I: Was he considered the go-between?

Mitsu I: Yes -- [laughs] -- I would say that, yeah.

Mary I: And what is her name?

Mitsu I: Yoshimi.

Mary I: And how long was it that you knew her before you got married?

Mitsu I: About two years, I think, and then decided to get married.

Mary I: What kind of wedding ceremony did you have?

Mitsu I: It was a Buddhist/Shinto wedding. My wife would dress up in Japanese-style kimono, and I'd wear a suit. It was a small wedding.

Mary I: Is there a dinner or anything?

Mitsu I: What's that?

Mary I: Is there a dinner, or...?

Mitsu I: Yeah, it's afterwards we had dinner, yes.

Mary I: Is there a honeymoon?

Mitsu I: No, I don't think we went on a honeymoon, no. No, went back to work.

Mary I: You went back to work? [Laughs]

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