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Title: Eiichi Edward Sakauye Interview I
Narrator: Eiichi Edward Sakauye
Interviewer: Wendy Hanamura
Location: San Jose, California
Date: May 14, 2005
Densho ID: denshovh-seiichi-02-0019

<Begin Segment 19>

WH: How long were you in Yellowstone?

ES: Well, all depends upon which group I was with. If I was with the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Campfire group, I think I stayed almost a week. But if I was with the block manager, this group here, now, I think, it was a matter of only two days. Because we had to get back, and we were sort of councilmen for the camp.

WH: Was this trip a surprise for you?

ES: No, the surprise trip was when agriculture chief and assistant chief says to me, "You reserve..." Fourth of July, that was in 1942, and, "be ready to go someplace." We had no idea, that secret was kept. Fourth of July day, he said, "Meet me here," and had all the passengers and everything drive down the road. We headed for Shoshone National Park. "We're taking you to Yellowstone. Have you ever been there?" We said, "No," and it was the most delightful trip and most compassionate way they were showing appreciation to us, that they really think of us, that we're doing our best to make this agriculture a success.

This is the camp itself, where I stayed the second time with the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Yeah, Yellowstone's a beautiful park. Here our group, chairmen of the block managers on the hill, picture to be taken. That's me on the end, next to the, on the end was Mr. Sakamoto.

This is Yellowstone Falls, the stairway is on the right there, you can see. It was four hundred and some-odd steps going down. That shoots out hot water.

Oh, that's a fish story. He caught one that big.

WH: So they took you on these big trucks?

ES: Yes. That's the means that the government used, the truck. No buses. Here's the hungry coyote again, hoping to get some food. There's Mr. Otamura trying to give him food.

This scene is taken through windshield going downhill.

WH: How far away was Yellowstone from Heart Mountain camp?

ES: Oh, edge of Yellowstone park, I don't think there's, no more than 20 miles. Because from Cody to Shoshone River, Shoshone park was distant, then from there on, all the rest was Yellowstone National Forest. This is at east entrance to Yellowstone, east entrance. They're saying goodbye to me. I'm the last one to get on.

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