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Title: Eiichi Edward Sakauye Interview I
Narrator: Eiichi Edward Sakauye
Interviewer: Wendy Hanamura
Location: San Jose, California
Date: May 14, 2005
Densho ID: denshovh-seiichi-02-0010

<Begin Segment 10>

ES: This is the field after we had cleared, and were planting cucumbers. Let's see, cucumbers and squash, and other crops that can be grown from seed. We had over 30 acres in crop. This is Mr. Tachibana showing how it's done. This is Mr... can't think of the name right now, he's from Washington, showing how the hot caps are put together. This is Mr. Iguchi of Santa Clara, here the seeds are planted and circled, so they can put hot caps on top. Hot caps prevented from insects and cold weather.

On the right is the chief of agriculture, now is assistant agriculture, Alden S. Ingraham, looking over the first crop of peas ever grown. This is the first crop of peas ever grown for canning purposes. High school boys were operating these equipment. All these equipment were in bad shape, and we had talented people who had repaired these. Now they, watch, these peas were gathered and put on wagon and taken to a thresher later on. The peas ripen so fast that Mr. Hartman, Chief of Agriculture, had to even, worked on Sundays to get the peas harvested.

There are mowed and windroll. Mr. Richard's helper and Mr. Alden Ingraham on the left. This is where the peas are brought, and we called it the vinery. And the vines and all was put in this machine, and the peas, little pods are opened up and separated. And they go to the cannery nearby where they are processed and are shipped to other relocation camp.

This is the women who are helping harvest peas, fresh peas. Some of these boys are block managers. The women are glad to come out to the field, because confined behind barbed wire fence is not very enjoyable.

Here's me and the rest of the block managers helping harvest. Here's one of the boys harvesting, there's the foreman, telling you to do that.

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