bushido: The way of the Japanese Samurai warrior; the Japanese feudal-military code of behavior; chivalry.

giri: Moral obligation to others related to role position; duty.

hakujin: Caucasian(s); white(s).

hiragana: The Japanese alphabet, written with a cursive style.

ikebana: Japanese-style flower arranging; the art of floral arrangement.

Issei: First-generation Japanese immigrant in America.

judo: A form of Jujitsu developed as a sport and a means of self-defense without the use of weapons.

jujitsu: A Japanese system of wrestling in which knowledge of anatomy and the principle of leverage are applied so that the strength and weight of an opponent are used against him or her.

katakana: The Japanese alphabet, written with a square style.

kendo: Japanese traditional fencing, in which a bamboo sword is used.

mompei: Loose fitting traditional Japanese field pants.

Nisei: American-born children of Japanese immigrants; second-generation Japanese Americans.

samurai: Japanese warrior or military class during feudal times in Japan.

yen: The basic monetary unit of Japan.

zousui: Rice gruel containing vegetables, fish, etc. and seasoned with miso or soy sauce.