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Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community Collection
Title: Nobuko Omoto Interview
Narrator: Nobuko Omoto
Interviewer: Joyce Nishimura
Location: Bainbridge Island, Washington
Date: October 22, 2006
Densho ID: denshovh-onobuko-01-0008

<Begin Segment 8>

JN: You sort of mentioned it, but what did your family do when they came back after the war and how... what was it like? How were you treated? What was the situation with your family's property?

NO: Okay, the house was okay. Whereas there was some people had some of their storage stuff taken. But, as far as I know, I think, I haven't heard anything missing from our big house. We had, we put everything in one room. And by the time we came back in November, my folks were kind of settled in their house. So, I think that people were actually good to us. Those people that's been there, you know, long, long time, I think they were real good to us. In fact, I go to those class reunions and I had a great time. I had a great time. So, of course, I didn't stay on Bainbridge too long because I got married. So, actually, I didn't stay on Bainbridge that long... first eighteen years and then couple, few years afterwards. But still, Bainbridge seems, feels so close, because it was once a close-knit family, community, I mean. Even my friends in California, they get together as a Bainbridge group, where there's quite a few down there, that Niseis.

JN: So where did you meet your husband? Was that after the war or during the war?

NO: Oh no, he was part of a family friend. He -- oh, he was also raised on Bainbridge, so his two younger brothers used to work for my dad. I noticed that he would come and pick his brothers up, by strawberry picking and all that. But I knew he went into the service but I had no idea where he was. But when I read from Manzanar... he sent me a little gift and I said, "Oh, so that's where he is?" [Laughs] So I just wrote back and forth. I thought it was nice to write to soldiers, so some people gave me their names and, "Would you write to me?" So I wrote to several. But I don't know, he's just... we knew his family from years back, because they had once farmed near, close to our old farm. Because our old farm was near where that, across the street from McDonald's where the lumber, lumberman is. Well, that was part of my old, our old farm we rented. Where I was born in that shack. [Laughs]

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