Densho Digital Archive
Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community Collection
Title: Nobuko Omoto Interview
Narrator: Nobuko Omoto
Interviewer: Joyce Nishimura
Location: Bainbridge Island, Washington
Date: October 22, 2006
Densho ID: denshovh-onobuko-01-0005

<Begin Segment 5>

JN: What are your memories of March 30, 1942?

NO: Oh, the day we left, it was a very lonely feeling. Big army, that convoy truck, came and loaded up, you know, and took us down to the Eagledale dock. And it was very difficult to leave with just little belongings and move away from the big open space. And when went to the dock, the other schoolchildren, students, they skipped school and came to say goodbye and we cried and we hugged and it was hard to say goodbye. And my dear friend, a young classmate, I asked her to send me clippings from Times and P-I. So she did, and also sent me a scrapbook, which I brought today. And I still keep in touch with her, she lives in Seattle now. Very good friend. And when we got to Seattle, there was a train waiting for us. I didn't know where we were going, but we all got on, herded us onto the train. I think at all that time we had to keep our shades down... for our protection, they said. And the soldiers that escorted us, they felt sorry for us. In fact, I had an autograph book which many of them signed. And they were very... and to this day I don't know where it went, but I wish I had it. And when they got to Manzanar they were shocked to see the place in the condition we were going to. And I think some of them says, "Oh, I'm going to come after you one day," you know, to take us back. So I thought that was very comforting. But for many of us, people didn't leave the island. They lived, only for, just, they went West Seattle, or first time on the train. Of course, I went to, being on a train before with my mother when I went to Portland in 1940, but to many it was the first trip, first time on the train. And not knowing where you're going, it was very... a scary time for me.

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