Densho Digital Archive
Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community Collection
Title: Tats Kojima Interview
Narrator: Tats Kojima
Interviewer: Debra Grindeland
Location: Bainbridge Island, Washington
Date: October 22, 2006
Densho ID: denshovh-ktats-01-0003

<Begin Segment 3>

DG: I think you had just one week.

TK: One week, that's what I thought, yeah.

DG: And can you describe that week? All the things you went through...

TK: Oh, uh-uh, I can't describe it because all I know is that the horse is the biggest thing, and we had a truck and a car and all the equipment. We just gotta leave, there was nothin' we could do. And we had the strawberries we knew that was ready to, you know, another month or two it was ready to be harvested. But we had to leave that, we just had to tell Tony Bucset, "You harvest it and give us what you can for harvesting it, and then send us the money." But, I don't remember getting anything for it. And then the car, she said she totaled, but then we found out later, after I come back from the war, that it wasn't. Well, it, I don't know if it was totaled, he might have got in a wreck but it was still around. Rodels had it. That's all I remember. And then everything from then on was about the camp. We were put on a truck and I remember goin' to... we were, we didn't go to Suyematsu's, they picked us up. And who was on our truck? I think Mojis. I still remember Mojis because they had to have that dog. You know, Mrs. Moji had a dog and they had to leave that, and I can't remember what they did. They... well, anyway, the dog had to be left there, and Mr. and Mrs. Moji got on the truck with us. And then I think it's the Nakamuras that was in their truck with us. I can't remember whether Hideaki and all of them were on there or not.

Then we were taken down to, it was Eagledale, and we were unloaded there and marched onto the ferry. And then from there, from the ferry, we went to the dock in Seattle. And I remember the Mirkovich or Mary Medalia was there and some of the Slavs were there. And there were Slavic people and they were friendly to us and they were saying goodbye, but none of my friends were there. That's all I remember. I can't remember anything else, other than that. And then we went on the train and then, I remember, while we were on the train -- April Fool's Day was, we were on the train. So we were, you know, saying April fools to a lotta people. But then we got into camp and I can't remember what day we got into camp. It was one, two or three in April. But I know we were on the train on April first, that's all I remember.

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