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Title: Ayame Tsutakawa Interview II
Narrator: Ayame Tsutakawa
Interviewer: Tracy Lai
Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: June 5, 1998
Densho ID: denshovh-tayame-02-0024

<Begin Segment 24>

TL: At what point did you move from the tiny little house?

AT: Well, I think it was my mother that keep telling me that, "I think you better look for a house, and move to a bigger house," and so we did move out of the house. I cannot remember. After the third one was born, we moved to a house down in the valley at Judkins.

TL: And what was the Judkins house like?

AT: It was a good size house and it was a little high up on the street and sunny house and quite good, yes. We were there for a few years until next to the house, it was a vacant lot then when we moved so our house was very sunny, nice size, and then someone bought this whole lot and started to build little tiny houses. And after many people moved in and it was not a very comfortable place anymore, and Mother did come to see us in this situation, and she said, "You better find some other house in a better location." So I did see a few houses on Beacon Hill, but this minister was doing this real estate on the side, and said, "There is one more house that I think is too big for you, but I just want to you see it because it's a nice house." And he brought me here and I saw this house and I thought, "Well, this is it. I'm going to move to this house," and I called my mother and she says, "By all means you better go ahead and buy it," so we were fortunate. And these people who owned this house was a piano teacher, and I was carrying Marcus. He was still -- I don't know how many months, but this lady, Mrs. Richards, really liked Marcus and oh, she really thought he was so cute and nice. And after seeing the grand piano in this living room, I thought, "Someday I'd like to have a place like that for the family," and Mother was good enough to send us down payment 'cause George had already used up his GI bill (for his aunt Michiko's house).

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